Storming the Masa House

Storming the capitol!! I have seen it all at this point.. well....not it ALL😝

So.. some believe the philosophy is that, 45 incited much to do, with the capitol. The title of this blog should explain how we feel and since freedom of speech is a right, here it is... 

We, at JVA, believe in freedom. We believe in democracy. We believe in community. We believe in love! What happened that day, was NOT love or any of the above. 

Let’s keep it really simple... when BLM protestors began their marches, it was extremely peaceful until buildings began burning by the hands of PLANTED MANIPULATION from the extremists. It then became convoluted, yet BLM protestors were still blamed for the looting and savage behavior of individuals intruding the protest for their own agenda. It was clear that day, when criminals bombarded and ATTACKED the capital, society has a different view towards people or ethnicity, other than white or 'not American' (as some call it). 

The bottom line for us is this>>>>>> Our 45 was placed in power to lead our nation into success; progress our country into togetherness not separation!

When citizens of the United States began speaking out about abuse in their communities and the rights of minorities being negated, there was negative speech from him regarding those movements, such as "when the looting starts, the shooting starts"- now remember, as stated above, it was proven in the beginning of the BLM protests that the looting and the burning of establishments began with 'planted terrorists' from our government and individual, outside organizations...proven, but our "leader" publicly made that statement to incite terrorism towards the BLM movement.

There was negative behavior in his actions, such as demanding that states bring out the national guard to terrorize the BLM protestors and threaten their existence. He did nothing but make speeches regarding the capitol being stormed and all of those lives being put in danger. We witnessed numerous DOCUMENTED facts of threats to kidnap, hang, and blow up the members of our senate>>>PROVEN STATEMENTS, IMAGES, and DOCUMENTATION from many of the protestors involved in the murderous acts at the capitol 🤬... a speech??



We will stay committed to uplifting our communities. We will stay diligent in being honest. We will make sure that what we offer is reality. We will continue to love our neighbors. We will hold integrity in our souls. 

Drop a comment below**. JVA would love to have an open dialogue with our partners in society! 👀

Our agenda is to *Keep it 💯 "




**We do not apologize for our opinions....hell, our brand is created from it.... we DO want to understand the view of others who do not agree. Our goal is not to create hate or display disgust.

We monitor all comments. If there is name calling, any hatred, and/or emotional abuse in any form, it will be deleted. Common decency is a requirement and if that is difficult, there’s no need to participate in our, hopefully, productive conversations.

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