It’s amazing how our society has allowed the 1% to infiltrate our minds into believing that holidays, community events, and the like are more important than LIFE!

We are crying and whining that we cannot spend Christmas and New Year’s, with our families...that shit is spoiled behavior! At the same time, we bitch and moan about how childish Trump behaves as President, but he is only emulating how selfish, self deserving Americans act daily. We don’t understand why we can’t sit in a bar all night and socialize with our  friends. Children are reeling over the emotion of missing their classmates or not getting the high school experience. Concerts are being missed. Socialites missing’s all more than necessary.

It’s all quite UNDERSTANDABLE, but that is all I will give it......grow the fuck up! We are losing family! We are risking death! What the hell is the priority here??!? Did we go through our normal lives, prior to this deadly pandemic, constantly thinking of self. Of course we did.. and now that practice is coming back to grab us by the lungs!

We have delegated daycare services to the internet and social media so we didn’t have to be bothered by the children we decided to have!  We have negotiated our morals and ethical values to be rich or get ahead....for what! We have eliminated kindness and understanding from every situation we include ourselves in 🤔......We have reduced our spirituality to non-existence - even if your not a religious person, guidance comes from some spirituality (the things we believe in, feel within our souls).

Has anyone thought about how this pandemic has really affected the nation? The whole nation, not just those who are used to celebrating life with all their privileges.... we have several pandemics in this country that Americans have been dealing with for years. We have children who sleep in shelters every night. There are millions who are not able to eat daily, let alone 3-4 times a day. There are Americans who are homeless, jobless, uneducated, ill, hungry.....WTF??!?!?! We have loss so many to cancer, AIDS, murder & negligence of our humanity.....WTF?!?!!

You still whining 🎻??

Listen...bottom line is this....

We are in a situation where we are ALL dependent on each other! We have made it through bombings in our cities to natural devastation. What we do affects the next. You may not give 2 shits about me and my family, but I’m sure you have someone you care about...................... and your behavior during this COVID-19 pandemic reflects on them.

Open your eyes to the world around you..... 👀

I believe this COVID-19 pandemic was created for a specific agenda to the 1%, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t a real problem. 🙈 If someone purposefully created a killing gas to kill me so they could rob and take control of my estate, would the gas kill me?? YES!!!


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