2020 The Year

2020.... all I can say is, what the f**k happened??? One day we are all living our lives as usual and then we are informed that there is a deadly virus. Uh...hol'lup... did you say a DEADLY virus??? One that we could DIE from??? Where the hell???

So, in the mist of this entire crazy episode of my life (yes, one episode, because if I gave it anymore, then it would be a controlling factor of how I live), I decided to create a blog, learn how to trade foreign exchange currency, quit my job, became a online educational school babysitter, and lost every sense of who I am...

No, really!!! Not sure about anyone else, but my life and who I am, is about connecting to people! I am a conversation starter. I am a community advocate! I worked at no-profits prior to quitting and my life mission is to assist my community!!! Unfortunately, my home life does not allow for that to happen during this type of pandemic.

With 4 children at home and a elderly mother, my course of action geared towards ensuring those close to me did not fall prey to this horrible virus. So, being around tons of people, especially strangers, would have, could have, placed my family in jeopardy. I love my people, but I have to make sure mine are taken care of first.

It's like a conversation I had with my children back when we (America) decided to go to war with Iraq. I explained to my children that I did not agree with what we were doing there because we have issues here at home that need to be handled. The scenario to them was given like this:

If I leave you here in the house (as young children), then go next door to cook, clean, rear, and love on the neighbors family/kids, what happens to you here all alone in this house? It put things in perspective for them very quickly!

Unfortunately, 2020 has dismantled dreams for some, like restaurant owners and such...I mean the fact is, their business has taken a hit and the dream of their business flourishing is a fallen one for some if there isn't any relief coming. Many people have had to adjust and figure out something new.

We are a world of skill, techniques, cleverness, adversity....hell....all that good stuff!! I have decided to adjust my game plan. I have taken on a different version of myself. I have relieved the old me and put the new me in the game. I had to spend some time with myself; figure out who I really am and what I was truly intended to accomplish in this lifetime!!

The point to this story is this:

IF YOU BELIEVE THAT THE ARROWS ARE POINTING IN THE WRONG DIRECTION, TAKE HOLD AND AIM THEM DIFFERENTLY!! Our destiny's are in our control. Sure there are instances that we cannot control but we still have the capacity to make a decision on how to handle it. We can cry about our situation or we can develop a plan of action and implement it for the good.

If life gives you lemons...

If the going gets rough...

If I only knew what I know now.....

SAYINGS.... QUOTES.... someone came up with this stuff for a reason! We aren't the only ones who have had to be here, a different "place".

Let's be real, we can tell ourselves whatever we want, but life is truly when the action gets put into play! If you have to laugh to keep from crying...so be it! Laugh... shit, keep laughing until you have discovered the key to your success!

#realshit #honestliving

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